About Us


Here’s our story. We are Harvey and Jane Baker, and we’re the founders and developers of Saving Memories Forever. We have three grown children who, over the years, have asked us lots of questions about our family history.

About 20 years ago, after years of delay, we finally put together a family tree that we still have hanging in our living room. All told, we probably spent about two years working on it. The end product was a lovely family chart.

Soon after its completion, though, we realized we had a HUGE hole in our information and that the family story was largely untold. We had no real sense of our relatives: what they thought and enjoyed. Certainly, no ability to listen to them crack a favorite joke or hear them talk about their lives.  That’s what we wanted to hear: the funny and the sad, the challenges faced and the opportunities taken.

Harvey, a problem-solving electrical engineer by trade, has been tracking technological advances for years. He saw how to combine a Smart Phone and a computer website to come up with a workable system for recording and sharing family memories. Meanwhile, Jane asked questions and, by doing so, helped ensure an easy-to-use product. She is thrilled that even she can now easily record, save, and share her family stories. Plus she is absolutely thrilled to read reviews like the one below.

"THIS is what you should hand down to your children." Connie Gruning "Peanut Butter and Whine" Blog

We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity. It so nicely gives generations in your family a voice.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.