While our system is self-explanatory, we realize that you may still have questions. To help you, we have written an on-line manual that you can access here. We have also listed some client questions that fell outside the range of what we discussed in our manual and will update this section with similar questions as we receive them. You can also contact us directly.

What happens to my stories if you go out of business?


Premium subscribers can download a zip file containing all of the content they have placed on our site whenever they choose. Free subscribers can purchase the same ability for $12.95 for a three-month period. Our site is hosted by LRS in Springfield, Illinois (LRS.com). LRS is one of the largest software companies in the United States and hosts hundreds of websites with highly reliable servers and storage media and state-of-the-art back up systems. In the unlikely event that Saving Memories goes out of business, we will change all subscribers to lifetime membership and you will be able to download all of your content for free.

Are there limits on the size of the files (stories)? 

There is a limit of 10Mb on files uploaded directly from a computer. Depending on your compression ratio this can be from 10 to 20 minutes. We suggest that stories be around five minutes each. When uploading from a SmartPhone, the story limit is 10 minutes. This is due to the amount of data being uploaded and the time it takes to accomplish the task.

How do you handle obscenity?

If you are the Story Keeper for the story in question, you can simply delete the story. If you aren’t the Story Keeper for the story in question, you should contact the person who is the Story Keeper and ask them to remove the story.  The Story Keeper is the one who invited you to listen to the stories. While we certainly discourage obscenity and have rules against it in our Terms and Conditions, it is not our role to listen to and/or monitor stories. We consider that a violation of privacy.      

Can I submit a video to enhance my Story Tellers’ stories?

At this time, the answer is that you can’t submit videos. This is for a number of reasons. Although most Smartphones can record video, the quality of handheld video is difficult to maintain. Also when a person knows they will be on camera they lose some of the spontaneity that we value in our audio files. However, there are many services including YouTube that allow you to upload and play video. You can integrate the information of where the video is stored on YouTube by attaching a text file to an audio story on Saving Memories Forever. Then, when a person listens to your story on our site they can read the text document and go directly to the YouTube video to watch it.