Fun Stuff

Storytelling Tips by Kim Weitkamp

Kim Weitkamp is an internationally-known storyteller whose material has been featured on National Public Radio, Sirius XM and other radio stations. We are lucky to have her as our in-house storyteller. Each month, she records a new storytelling tip that we put up on our website.

Her latest tip is titled: "The Good the Bad and the Funny". Click on Kim's picture to listen to this tip.

Click on the links below for her previous tips.

•  "The Art of Listening" is here.
•  "Get Other Family Members Involved" is here.
•  "Interview the Oldest First" is here.
Kim also writes a monthly column for our newsletter.

Play "Pass the Phone"

Pass the Phone is a game we've created. It's an excellent activity idea for families, especially at family reunions or holiday gatherings.

Simply put, the activity involves selecting a question to ask, recording the relative’s response, and then passing the phone on to another relative. Once each story is recorded and uploaded, it can be shared with other relatives—perhaps ones who couldn't’t attend the gathering. The real value of the activity is that it gathers genuine family stories and puts them in one central spot so they are easy to find and share for years to come.

Click here for instructions on how to play Pass the Phone.