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We are always looking to partner with other organizations whose mission is to preserve family memories.

Photo Nanny TM  has been organizing and scanning photos and memorabilia for hundreds of families since 2005.  They provide graphics services as well for those who would like to have their digital photos presented in custom one-of-a-kind photo books.  Unlike other scanning companies which require you do all the “prep” work, Photo Nanny accepts photos in boxes, bins, envelopes and scrapbooks and will sort them into order prior to hand scanning them with care. With an attention to detail and personalized service, they handle jobs of all sizes for families in Houston, Texas, as well as across the United States.   Following a one-on-one consultation to assess your project, their services are customized to meet your budget and your needs.    

Unlock the Past is about promoting history, genealogy and heritage in Australia and New Zealand. It is a collaborative venture involving a team of expert speakers, writers, organizations and commercial partners throughout Australia, New Zealand and overseas. See their Genealogy cruises. Learn while you relax. Saving Memories Forever is on board!

APPO (short for the Association of Personal Photo Organizers) was founded in 2009 by Cathi Nelson. This association includes hundreds of photo managers across the US and Canada. Each APPO professional helps consumers who are overwhelmed by the exploding number of photos and memorabilia they have accumulated over the years. Cathi is also a mom and a lifelong lover of stories. Our affiliation with APPO makes a lot of sense as all photos have stories to tell.

Expert Endorsements

We are fortunate to enjoy strong affiliations with a variety of firms as well as the support of social media agencies and genealogy and parenting market experts. Click on two of our favorites below.