Welcome to our Fun Stuff page. Here you will find links to the free Saving Memories Forever newsletter, interesting items we’ve found across the Internet, and information on a unique special reward program available to Saving Memories Forever customers.


Saving Memories Forever offers a free newsletter in digital format. The first issue will premiere in February 2013. Do you enjoy the ideas and information we share on at the Saving Memories Forever blog?  The articles and resources presented in our newsletter will expand on these ideas, and provide inspiration to help you in your mission to record your family’s stories. Examples of articles include Top Interviewing Tips to help you conduct oral family interviews, Project Ideas to give generations their own voice, and Activities to engage your children or grandchildren in storytelling, and more.

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Educational Games

We often browse the Internet in search of suitable educational games. Our current focus is on Trivia games at  Try their pictures game--you’ll be amazed at how pictures trigger memories in your own life! 

Saving Memories Forever Storykeepers Club

In the coming months, we plan to introduce a loyalty program for users and fans of Saving Memories Forever. The program will include contests and giveaways and ways you can participate. Keep checking the Saving Memories Forever website for updates on this exciting way to be a part of the Saving Memories Forever family.

At Saving Memories Forever, we want to be one of your prime resources for having fun-- while learning about your family—one story at a time.