Start Here

Take Baby Steps

1.     Start by downloading our free smartphone app.
2.     Go to either the iTunes or Google Play store. The app is cleverly named Saving Memories Forever.
3.     When you download the app, sign up for the Free Membership.
4.     Explore. Try a mini interview. Interview yourself? The point here is to get a basic feel for the interviewing process.

3 Next Steps

5.    Upload yoru story from the app to the website. Announce it thru Facebook.
6.    Go to our website, and log in. The My Memories screen will pop up.
7.    Manage your story on the My Memories screen on our website. Upload a storyteller picture. The point here is to get a basic idea of how the recorded stories are organized and how you can manage them.

Almost There 

8.    Go back to Step 6 above.  Share your story thru email.

Optional but Useful

9.   Watch our 4-minute How-To Video .